At the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC), we initiate, drive and support Abu Dhabi's urban development strategy. By transferring our vision and overarching principles to physical settings, we develop strategic plans that are designed to shape the Emirate. The vision is built on a comprehensive analysis of the urban fabric, land availability and its best use, environmental issues, mobility, infrastructure and urban services, that need to be integrated in our Emirate-wide planning strategy.

The Government of Abu Dhabi has directly committed itself to strengthen and develop four key priority areas:

Developing appropriate infrastructure, while preserving the environment, forms one of the key priority areas. With the expertise of the UPC, the Government of Abu Dhabi will ensure the development of a professionally designed and well-managed urban environment in the Emirate's towns and cities, complete with world-class traffic and transport systems.
The simultaneous development of the Al Ain and Al Dhafra Regions is designed to keep pace with that of the Capital Region. It is also an important policy priority to achieve an Emirate-wide distribution of economic activities and associated benefits. The Plans for the Capital, Al Ain, Al Dhafra and the Emirate's marine areas, offers a vision for the evolution of the Emirate over the next years, and provide a blueprint for Abu Dhabi's long-term success. As the first planning programme of this kind and scope within the region, the work of the UPC has become a best-practice benchmark for future urban design within the UAE and beyond.

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