Project Overview

Baniyas-South Wathba is one of the largest and most ambitious opportunities for sustainable urban revitalisation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Comprising the communities of Baniyas, Al Nahda and South Wathba; the revitalisation area is home to 69,000 residents and 7,000 existing houses. The area comprises some of the UAE’s earliest attempts at modern community planning, providing a rich context for contemporary improvement and enhancement.

The Revitalisation Master Plan forms a key part of the Abu Dhabi Government’s ongoing coordination and management of urban growth within the Mainland sub-region. This area is the expected focus of the majority of the city’s Emirati population growth within the next twenty years. The Revitalization Master Plan describes the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision to improve the living environments of the Baniyas, South Wathba and Al Nahda communities. It provides for much-needed Emirati housing as part of the redevelopment process towards building complete communities

The Revitalisation Master Plan forms a key part of the strategic development for Abu Dhabi’s urban area, as envisaged by Plan capital 2030. The Revitalisation Master Plan proposes major improvements to services, housing and movement networks intended to achieve an urban quality consistent with the vision for a sustainable and liveable city. The planned improvements will uplift services and environmental quality at the local level while aiding communities to adjust to the continuing process of population growth and change expected up to 2030.