Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development

The UPCand ADCED : working together

A strong partnership between ADCEDand the UPC has been formed inrecognition of the importance eachCouncil plays in the physical andeconomic development of the Emirateand the need to work together tosuccessfully deliver on Abu DhabiGovernment's long-term vision.

The UPC and ADCED are working together, along with awhole host of other key Government agencies, to createan integrated and multidisciplinary team to develop asustainable and competitive Emirate, informed by the needsof those living and working in Abu Dhabi and local, regionaland global market trends. ADCED are leading the way ineconomic developments and the UPC are directing AbuDhabi's urban development, with a sustainable, demanddriven,focussed and bankable urban strategy.

The UPC and ADCED are planning and working for thefuture health and competitiveness of the urban areas of AbuDhabi Emirate to provide a route map and blueprint for thelong-term sustainability and viability of the cities, towns andsettlements of the Emirate.

The collaboration between the two Government agenciesenables a flow of information and an open dialogue tosupport the development of individual policies, plans andinitiatives through a well-documented, informative andstrategic approach.

A strategic collaboration : World Sustainable Capitals Initiative

The UPC and ADCED entered into a strategic partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) in September 2009 with the creation of the World Sustainable Capitals (WSC) Initiative. The initiative consists of a global and regional alliance of World Sustainable Capitals and a network of leading experts, economists and industry representatives in the field of urban planning and sustainability.

The WSC initiative is a results-orientated project, focused on formulating concrete recommendations and measurable results that are derived from an intelligent awareness of relevant economic conditions and influences. It identifies strategies and policy recommendations to guide capital cities to better resolve the challenges of sustainable urban planning development and sustainable economic growth.

A number of capital cities are carefully planning for sustainable development in strategic policy plans for the future. Most of these cities share similar principles to those of Abu Dhabi, including economic, environmental, cultural and social objectives for a more sustainable future. By collaborating with sustainable cities that share the same vision as the UPC, the ADCED and the WEF seek to galvanise global capital cities in the adoption of successful urban planning decisions that favour sustainable economic growth. Joining Abu Dhabi are Barcelona and Grand Paris project, with additional cities set to link with in the future.