Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


"Planning Abu Dhabi Emirate for the next generation as a visionary, international model of sustainable urban development towards achieving Vision 2030."


"The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council manages the sustainable urban growth of the Emirate by creating Emirate-wide urban strategies, master plans, policies and regulations. It develops the necessary procedures for development approval by working closely with public and private sector stakeholders."


Leadership: We are transforming our Emirate into a model of cutting-edge sustainability through groundbreaking, innovative and forward-thinking initiatives.

Visionary: We plan for the future according to a clear vision that is always aligned with Abu Dhabi Government's ambitious plans, in pursuit of Vision 2030.

Excellence: We are delivering results and services corresponding to a precise scope of work and ensuring global synergies and seamless adoption of best practices in a proactive and flexible manner.

Responsibility: We have assumed responsibility to deliver the visionary plans of our Government for the benefit of the people of Abu Dhabi in a transparent, committed and dedicated fashion.

Sustainability: We are creating a new framework that ensures environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability remain at its core when directing current and future plans.

Collaboration: We are developing integrated policies and related review processes in constant collaboration with all individual departments and authorities of our Government to deliver in an effective and highly coordinated manner.

Innovation: We consider innovation as part of our daily work, and we strive to be innovative in the preparation of all of our plans, policies and processes.