Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


"Planning Abu Dhabi for the Next Generation"


"The Urban Planning Council produces plans and development regulations that govern Abu Dhabi's physical environment. In alignment with the clear targets identified by Economic Vision 2030, the Council manages the Emirate's sustainable urban growth through efficient development review and proactive implementation in coordination with the public and private sector partners."


Leadership: We are transforming our Emirate into a model of cutting edge sustainability through groundbreaking, innovative and forward thinking initiatives.

Integrity: We are dedicated to promoting community ethics, fostering multicultural coexistence, driving sound entrepreneurship practices in line with the visionary governance of our leadership.

Excellence: We are delivering results and services corresponding to a precise scope of work and ensuring global synergies and seamless adoption of best practices in a pro-active and flexible manner.

Collaboration: We are developing integrated policies and related review processes in constant collaboration with all individual departments and authorities of our Government to deliver in an effective and highly coordinated manner.

Sustainability: We are creating a new framework that is directing our current and future courses while ensuring that sustainability is continually addressed through four pre-defined angles: environmental, social, economic and cultural.

Partnership: We constantly communicate, consult and cooperate with local urban and rural communities across Abu Dhabi as true partners in progress for all the people of the emirate.

Accountability: We have assumed responsibility to deliver the visionary plan of our government to the people of Abu Dhabi in a transparent, committed and dedicated fashion.